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I considered buying and selling for quite a while and was unsure of how the process would unfold.

I have an extremely busy schedule with my work and honestly didn’t have the time to put much thought into it. In walks Shawnivan - with his friendly, confident and helpful attitude. Within a few days my home was on the market and before I knew it there were multiple offers on my home. Shortly thereafter, it was sold at over 15K asking. Shawnivan only had to say “I've got you” one time and I believed him. He has been 100% dedicated to the sale of my home AND in helping me find my forever home - we signed for today! Shawnivan handled this entire process with next to no effort on my part! He truly is an AMAZING Realtor and a FABULOUS human being. I give him my highest recommendation!


All I can say is that Shawnivan has such an outstanding work ethic, it's almost insane.

The guy really goes above and beyond! I highly recommended him for any and all real estate needs. Thank you for everything, Shawnivan. I look forward to working with you again in the future.


Shawnivan was absolutely amazing!

He was always open to answer questions any time of day and was prompt in responding when he was unavailable. As first-time home buyers, he was very patient with our concerns and uncertainties, helping us throughout every step of the process. One of the things we most appreciated was his communication of timing and next steps so that we knew what to expect and when to expect it. Overall, the process was SUPER calm and not at all as stressful as we would have expected... even with a short close. Shawnivan is great. We can't recommend highly enough!

Ross & Sierra

Shawnivan was a true professional!

He was an incredible resource during the whole process. We used him for the sale of our rural home and also the purchase of our brand new build in a bigger city. He understood our needs, kept us on time, and on budget! The selling/buying process is intense, but with Shawnivan leading the way, we were at ease every step of the way. His communication was unmatched and his responses always timely. I highly recommend Shawnivan!!


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